Wednesday, December 11, 2013

And There's Orange in the Endzone!

Football season is crazy and wonderful all at the same time.  We have a packed 4 days at home each week, and then load up the cars and drive to Clemson for a fun-filled weekend.  It is exhausting, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Here are a few highlights from the season.
We sweated at the Georgia game…

(and Cade drooled…)

but Emi and Devin did pull us through to win!

Callie napped on my lap…

and in the stroller…

and Cade slept in the car.

Callie ate more food at tailgate than most people…

and Cade chewed on his toys.

We hung out with the families…

and Aunt Jamie even made it down for a game!

Callie had some QT with her Auntie Em…

played with her best friend, Dude…

and Aunt LaLa gave Cade a thousand kisses.

Callie Grace was beyond thrilled that everyone wore their boots…

and she cheered the Tigers on through the entire Boston College game (while Cade enjoyed the game from the box with Uncle Danny and Big Daddy).

Bryan and I got to attend a few night games with no kids, thanks to our wonderful mothers…

and I got to see my sisters at least twice a month for 4 months!

This was Callie's third football season, and I think she loves it more every year.  She asks me all the time when we can go to Clemson.  It will be hard to explain to her that is going to be a while!

Cade enjoyed his first season of Clemson football, and we are preparing him to run down the hill in a few years.

Go Tigers!

Time for School

Seriously?  My little girl is going to school already?!  Callie goes to Sunshine Preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and she loves it.  She was so excited for her first day!

Callie looks so grown up with her backpack ready to go!

Speaking of growing up too fast, this little guy is getting so big!

We are having some fun times together while big sister is at school, but I know he misses her.  Cade is always excited to pick Callie up from school and is so happy to see her.  He has learned a few new tricks lately, including how to stick out his tongue and make funny noises.

Callie had picture day at school, and looked so cute.  She let me take a few pictures of her all dressed up before she went in to class.

I can't believe my sweet baby is going to school!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Where Dreams Come True

I have been looking forward to our trip to Disney for what seems like forever!  I am like a child when I get to Disneyworld.  I love everything about it.  Thankfully, Callie loves it as much as I do.

We made the trip a whole family affair.  Big Daddy, GiGi, PawPaw, Mama D, Aunt LaLa, Justin, Auntie Em, and Devin all were able to come (at least for a few days).  

Day 1: Magic Kingdom

Dad stayed at the condo with Cade and the two of them had a big day at home…

 while the rest of us headed out in the heat to enjoy the day.

The tram (re-named trolley because it did not sound like a nice word when Callie said it), was as exciting as any other ride for CG.  Of course, she pronounces trolley like troll-i, which always makes us smile and reminds us of Charl-i.

And the fun begins!  Our first ride was Aladdin's magic carpet and Callie was so excited.  Before it was even over, she asked, "Mo ride?"

We rode the carousel...

…a few times.

The teacups were a favorite and had to be ridden twice also.  Auntie Em and Devin had to take over after LaLa and I got dizzy.

Big Daddy and GiGi took Callie on the train ride around the park while the big kids rode Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain.

Callie was just barely tall enough to drive the cars around the racetrack.  When she sat down on the seat, you couldn't even see her head.  But she drove us all the way around!

After riding every ride in the park, we went to ride Space Mountain...

…while Big Daddy took Callie to nap on the people mover.  It started raining and there was no one else riding, so they let Callie stay on the ride several times around to get in a good nap!

Day 2: MGM

Cade made the trip with us to MGM and was a trooper.  We started the day with Beauty and the Beast. Callie loved the opening song and dance, but was not a fan of the beast.

We saw Ariel, the Mickey Mouse Club, and the Muppet show (with a nap during each), and had lunch at the 50's prime time cafe.  

GiGi and Big Daddy took the kiddos home to nap, while the big kids stayed to have fun.  I will never get tired of roller coasters!  I think we rode the Rockin' Roller Coaster at least five times, and made it though Tower of Terror several times also.  The second week in September is a great time to go - no crowds and still warm weather!

Day 3: Hang at the pool

We decided not to go crazy every day, and took a day to hang at the pool and relax at the condo.  Cade loves to chill outside…

and Callie already likes to lay out, with a snack.

We had an intense game of pool volleyball, and everyone was amazed at my talent. ;)  We played ping pong, grilled out, and enjoyed the day at the condo.

Day 4: Blizzard Beach

This was Bryan's favorite day!  He isn't a huge fan of roller coasters, but water slides are much better!  I was very impressed with how brave Callie was to go down water slides by herself!

She was happy to go as long as she knew Daddy would be at the bottom to catch her!

Aunt LaLa and Callie rode one of the slides together, holding hands of course.

Callie even rode the large river raft ride with all of us and loved it!

Day 5: More Relaxing at the Pool

Callie and Daddy perfected their pool acrobatics.  Look, no hands!

Day 6: Epcot

PawPaw finally made it to a park!  The World Showcase at Epcot is about the only thing in Orlando that he likes to see, and there are pictures to prove that he enjoyed his afternoon.  We spent the morning seeing Figment, Nemo, and Crush.  Callie and Cade were a little tired by this point in the trip, so we went for a quick ride in Norway and Mexico, before going back to the condo for naps. 

After a good dinner at the condo, we took Callie back to Epcot to see the fireworks.  Bryan and I got to ride the TestTrack race car, while Aunt LaLa and Callie shopped.

Our little girl was sleepy, but she made it for the fireworks show!

We had a great week and I can't wait to go back!

Thanks to Mommom and Poppop and all of the grandparents for making the trip possible!