Saturday, June 7, 2014

Catching Up With the Cokers

Is it June already?  I realize that I have been a total slacker about updating this blog, and I am sorry.  I would promise to do better in the future, but knowing what is coming up in the next few months, I probably shouldn't!  So here are the important things that happened in the last 6 months that I never put on the blog.  And thanks to my phone and photo stream, I do have a few pictures!

Cade's First Christmas!

We took the kids to see Bluffton's longest-ever Christmas parade.  Only in South Carolina do you wear short sleeves and sweat in December.

As you may remember, Callie had quite the traumatic visit to see Santa last year, so this year she wanted nothing to do with him.  We did take Cade to see Santa and he was just confused… "Who is this guy?"

Callie baked Christmas cookies with Mama D and Mama Gerry and loved making and playing with the dough.  She is very serious about her cookies!

Callie had her first Christmas program at school, and I can't tell you how many times we have heard the song, "Mary had a baby boy" sung at the top of her lungs.

My babies got all dressed up for the Christmas Eve service and a nice dinner at Palmetto Bluff...

…and we took our annual family picture in front of the tree.

We celebrated Christmas morning at our house and it was so much fun!  Callie understood the concept of presents and Cade was just happy to play with the wrapping paper and ribbons.

So Merry Christmas from the Cokers!

After Christmas, we decided to turn our dining room into a playroom.  I was tired of the toys taking over my living room, and it was the best decision ever!  Callie and Cade both love to play in their playroom and they spend hours there each day.

Janet Powell (Silly Goose Photography) took some great family photos that I love!

It's A New Year!  Hello 2014!
Callie started ballet in January and she looks so sweet in her little pink leotard and skirt.  

We have spent countless hours circling the neighborhood in the wagon.  

Cade started eating solid foods and has not stopped!  I promise we go through at least 4 jars of puffs in one week.  He is a big growing boy and eats so much!  I don't even think he tastes his food - he just inhales it as fast as he can.  Our grocery bill is already crazy; I can only imagine what it will be when he is a teenager!  I may have to go back to work full time just to keep food in the house!  

Bryan and I were able to go to Passion again this year and Callie and Cade had a great time staying with Mama D and PawPaw.  They got to go to the Children's Museum on the Island and no one wanted to leave when it was nap time.

On the few cold and rainy days that we did have, Callie became an artist at her new easel.  Isn't this a beautiful drawing?

No More Party of Four!
Then in February we announced….SURPRISE!  Baby #3 will be here in September.  We did not know it would happen this fast, be we are so excited to add another precious baby to our family.  At some point in the next 3 months we have to: choose a name, buy a car, and put Cade and Callie in the same bedroom.  Now you know why I can not make any promises to be better about blogging!  Callie thinks we are going to have a boy and she wants to name him Elsa.  She also laughed hysterically when Bryan suggested Noah as a boy name.  Clearly we have a long way to go before deciding on a name!

Callie made cupcakes with Aunt LaLa for Valentine's Day…

and Cade tasted his first Chick-fil-A.  It has become a favorite for both of my children (like there was ever a doubt that they would not love Chick-fil-A!)

Callie and I continued our Alphabet Baking with some help from Aunt Debbie.  The two of them spent hours in the kitchen to make homemade Jelly!  We had so many apples, they also made apple pie and applesauce.  We still have jars of jelly in the pantry, but the pie and applesauce did not last long!

One of the weeks at school was dedicated to Dr. Suess and they had "Crazy Wild Hair Day".  Can you believe I sent my child to school looking like this?

In the meantime, Cade just kept growing!  He is quickly catching Callie - people ask me all the time if they are twins.

Road Trips!
In March, we made the trip to Hartsville to see Aunt Jamie...

…and a trip to Atlanta to see Aunt LaLa.

Thankfully, Cade slept in the car.  Isn't that the sweetest face ever?

We also had time to visit the Children's Museum in Atlanta while we were there.  Callie was busy and into everything, and this guy loved to drive the tractor!

Back at home, we continued our weekly Monday morning trip to Publix.  Callie gets excited every time she sees that there is a "car buggy" available!  (Driving while on the phone…don't know where she learned that!)

We celebrated Brantley's birthday in the park, and now Callie relates every birthday to cupcakes.  All she wants for her 3rd birthday is to go to the beach and eat cupcakes.  I think I can handle that!

April brought warm weather and we headed outside.  Thankfully my children both still love to swing!

We continued our Friday lunch tradition at SCYC with Mama D and PawPaw.  CG loves their she-crab soup and gets excited for it every time we go!

Bryan took Callie out on a date to Japanese and Lovin Spoons.  She talked about it all week- she was so excited!  She did not love the fire and loud noises at the Japanese restaurant but she now asks to go to fro yo several times a week.  (And of course we say yes!)

Because I was so tired (being a few months pregnant), I decided that we would go to Taste of Bluffton and just buy Kettle Corn for our "K" alphabet baking.  I know that is cheating because we didn't cook anything, but it was so delicious!  

I decided to try to be somewhat creative this year, and we actually dyed eggs for Easter!  Yes, all I did was buy a kit from Target and add water, but the kids had fun!

The whole family came to Bluffton to celebrate Easter weekend and Cade's birthday.

Cade's First Birthday
For Cade's party, we went all out with a circus theme, thanks to help from Aunt LaLa, Auntie Em, and Mama D!  Everything looked so cute and I think Cade had a great time!

Emi created a cute little "photo-op area" and we actually took a family picture.  Will we ever take a picture when all of us are looking at the same camera?

Cade absolutely loved his birthday cake..

…and didn't want to stop eating!  Of course, this much sugar for the first time meant he spit it all up a few minutes later.  

We had bubbles at the party, so that kept Callie very entertained.  

They both are enjoying the many new toys that Cade got as presents.  This tent has been in my living for almost 2 months now!

I love this picture and the personalities of each one that it captures.  (Thanks Emi!)

Summer Has Officially Begun
We made our first (of many) trip to the beach in April!  Cade is absolutely obsesses with his shovel and will not set it down.  Callie can and does take every other toy from him and he never makes a noise, but she knows not to try to touch his shovel!

I am so glad that they both love going to the beach.  It is a lot to load up to get there, but once we are there it is totally worth it!  They both love the water and have absolutely no fear.  Callie loves when Daddy comes with us because she gets to "go out more!"  I will not get in and swim with her so she can only stay where she can touch when I am there.  They also love to build castles (that are actually giant holes) and play in the sand.  It is always an adventure but we love it!

These two little people love to swing!  Callie is getting better at playing with Cade and loves to help him in any way she can.  She still gets frustrated at times when he tries to get to close to her things, but we are working on it.  And then there are sweet moments like this one...

We have take a few Sunday night trips to the beach.  I love the beach that time of day!

We went to Clemson for Devin's graduation (Way to go Dude!) and the Clemson Triathlon.  Bryan didn't get to race, but Cade and Callie had a great time cheering on everyone else!

Happy Mother's Day!  
We drove home from Clemson, let the kids nap, and headed straight to the beach.  It was a great night - the beach with my family and pizza once we got home.  Who could ask for more?

When we are not trekking out to the beach, we head to the pool.  Callie is getting very comfortable in the water and I cannot wait for her to take swim lessons!  Cade also has no fear and just keeps crawling until I turn him around.

Cade also loves the baby pool where he can walk in his float.  I think he enjoys the freedom of being able to go where he wants to go!  It may be a few more months before he is actually walking though.

Auntie Em has been able to come home a few times and spend some quality time with the kiddos.  One hot afternoon we made Cherry Limeades ("L" is for limeade).  Callie made a great face the first time she tasted it!  I think the carbonation got her and it was hilarious.

PawPaw ordered and installed a swing on their deck so that my two swing-loving children would be able to swing at their house.  It has only been up a short time and they have enjoyed it many times already!

A Year of Preschool Complete Already?!
Believe it or not, Callie finished her first year of preschool!  Every day after school, she talked about Reese and Gracie, so here they are!  Best buddies...

They did an end-of-year program, and Cade was very into the music!

It was definitely a day for celebrating!

During one of our many trips to the beach, Carrie Friesen got some great pictures of sweet kiddos.  

Can you believe this little man is already 1?

And that Callie is almost 3?

So there is the longest blog post ever, but hopefully you feel caught up!  Until next time!